How to create a Trojan Virus in Windows?

How to create a Trojan Virus in Windows?

how to create trojan virus in windows

Do you know what is Trojan virus? This is also malware that makes a backdoor into the victim’s computer, through which you can later take remote access to his or her system. In this blog, you will learn how to create a Trojan virus with nanocore which is a remote accessing software. But you will not get this software by searching anywhere, so we will provide you the link to download this software in this blog.

Disclaimer  This blog is for educational purposes, please don’t use this education in the wrong way.

What is Malware Do you Know what is a Malware. It is malicious software that damages or disables computer systems and gives limited or full control of the systems to the malware creator for the purpose of theft or fraud. So let’s make our Malware.

Remember Do not forget to turn off your Windows Firewall because if you do not turn it off then the main file of the nanocore will be deleted and you have to download it again. So make sure you keep your firewall turned off throughout this process.

Once you close the firewall, open the zipped file of nanocore and search for nanocore.exe in it. If you want, you can use it by extracting it or directly from inside the zip file.

Installing OpenVPN

Now we have to download a software called OpenVPN which will help us to connect a VPN file which we will create later…

So to Download OpenVPN open this link in your browser ( ) and here you can download the setup file that matches your pc specs.

After downloading OpenVPN install it by starting its setup file and after installation, you can see it by pressing the arrow made in your taskbar. But it won’t work right now because we haven’t connected any VPN file yet.

Port Forwarding using

So search for ( ) or either you can go through this link This website is used for port forwarding and we are going to make a VPN file of port forwarding with which we will connect our OpenVPN also.

Now you have to sign in to this website but not with your personal Gmail. We are going to use Temp Mail for signing in because we will use this website only for one time. Open another tab in your browser and search for “Temp mail” then open the first website from the search results.

What is TempMail – Temp mail is used for temporary mail which you can use for a limited time and then the website will change the temporary mail for you after 24 hours.

Now copy the mail from there as you can in the image above and paste it into the port map sign-in page. In the login box you can give any name you want, make a password and accept all the terms and conditions then click register now.

Now go to the temp mail website, scroll it, and there you can see a message that came from the Portmap website. Click on it and now you are ready to make a rule.

Click on ( Create New Configuration ), Write anything in the name and comment section as we did in the second image, and in the proto section choose TCP. Leave the Type section as it is because it is already selected as OpenVPN.

Click on generate button then download the file from there. Now in the website’s navbar go to Mapping Rules and press on ( Create new rule ).

There are 65,535 ports inside a computer, from which we have to choose any 4 digit port so that we can put it inside where “Port on Your Pc” is written. You can enter any port of your choice but only from within 65,535 ports

Leave the last requirement blank and click on create. Now your rule will be ready, after that you copy it and save it in a notepad…

Note The file that we created from Portmap is also important for us because we will connect OpenVPN to it.

Creating Listener with Nanocore

For Creating Listener in Nanocore, follow the steps given below –

Step1 – Now open your nanocore and click on “Builder Settings” under (Builder tab) as you can see in the image below.

Step2 – Inside the Default Group you can put any name like “Victim’s” and inside the Primary Host Connection you have to paste that rule by copying it till Host. But remove the ( ftp:// ) written from there.

Step3 – Leave the backup host connection as it is and paste that port in the connection port section which is written on the right side of that rule…

Now come below to the connection port there are three empty boxes Click first and the last box and leave the center box as it is.

In the Advanced settings click on the third box as well and leave everything default. Now come to the very last option SurveillanceEX Settings. click the Enable keyboard logging. We don’t have to do anything else with another options.Click on compile which is in the corner it will show a notification click on yes.

Now we are done making virus. Come to Network and click on Port manager. Click to Add Port and paste the last port which was 6666. You will paste your port what you had write that time. Click Ok.

Right click on the port and enable it. Now we just have to send our virus to our victim. You have to send this virus through Wetransfer website because this website is not able to detect viruses while creating a link to a file, so the victim will not know that he is downloading a virus.

Now we have to connect our portmap trojan file to our VPN. So for doing that click on the ( Up arrow ) in your taskbar and you can see a monitor shaped icon there, Right click on that icon and go to import file after that import trojan file. Keep patience for a while, when the file is connected, you will get a notification…

So your Trojan virus is ready to send, go ahead and send the virus to your vicitm. If the victim opens your virus, you will get a notification and automatically get connected to his or her system.

Now one time you get the connection to the system you can do anything by right clicking on host and it will show several things to do with their system.

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