Defend the web Walkthrough (Intro Level 5 – 6)

Defend the web Walkthrough (Intro Level 5 – 6)

defend the web intro level 5 - 6
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Hello everyone, this is the third part of Defend the web walkthrough in which we will solve “Intro Level 5 to 6”. This time the difficulty of the levels gonna be a little bit harder but not impossible to do. So we can start solving our challenge…

Intro Level – 5

At this level, you will see an empty popup box that asks you for a password but we can’t click on “inspect element” because it did not allow you to do that. The popup box looks like this –

So for clicking on the “inspect element” you have to click on OK or you can also click on the Cancel button. After doing that right-click and press on the inspect button then scroll down.

There you can see three dots in a place so just click on it and you will get the password. Our password is hidden in a script tag but it was not shown there…

Now we have found the password so copy it and restart the level again so we can paste it into that blank box. If you had pasted the password then you can click ok and your level will be cleared…

Intro Level – 6

In Level 6 a task is given to us in which we have to log in as “mass debater” to complete the level. But in your case, the username can be different…

So how can we log in as that username? if you click on that small arrow buttons there are some default usernames but there is no mass debater.

For logging in we will add another default username by going inside the inspect element. It is only the option from which we can clear the level.

In the code, you can see a username section so click on the three dots. There you have to copy a line of any username then paste it at the end of the section below…

After pasting the line, just change the value and the text of it by writing the given username which is also shown in the image above. Now if you click on the up-down arrows again then it will show you the mass debater username in it.

Now we tell you the concept of what we do. When we changed the value of the line that we copied, it was defined as the given username…

Congratulations! we have solved both of the levels, you can comment us what improvements we should make in our blog …

If you want then you can see all of the walkthroughs of defend the web by going on this link – ( )

If you have any problem with our blog so you can comment to us we will try to fix it.

– Yash Choudhary

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