Defend the web Walkthrough (Intro Level 1 – 2)

Defend the web Walkthrough (Intro Level 1 – 2)

Today, we are going to start Defend the web walkthrough in which we will show you how to solve the levels of it. It is an amazing platform for learning about web vulnerabilities and how you can find various vulnerabilities in websites. If you clear all the levels of it so then you can search for bugs in websites because then you will know that you can find a single vulnerability with various methods.


So first, go to the website of defend the web by clicking on this link – ( ) or you can search for it. Then you have to signup there because without signing up you cannot play the levels.

After setting up everything you will be redirected to the dashboard and you can see the playground section in the sidebar. You have to click on it and you will see all the levels in that section.

So click on the first level which is “Intro Level 1” and now we are going to solve this level…

In level-1 you can see two blank sections, the first box is for username and the second one is for password. Now the question is that how we can find a valid username and password. So for doing that right-click anywhere and click on (view page source).

In the page source if you scroll down a little bit then you can see the username and password in the form of comment text.

If you didn’t know about HTML, so the signs which are written at the starting and at the end of the text are used for writing comments but they will not show on the website.

There is the user and pass –

There we go! we found the valid username and password and now we just have to copy them and paste them on the blank space. It is a very basic and easy level but the more level we do, it will become harder and harder…


Now we are going to do intro level 2nd which is also easy. In this level again we get the blank username and password section so we will now go to page source again and scroll it down till line number (446) came.

There you can see the user and pass category. Look at it carefully and find out the user, pass. It is in front of you if you look at the RGB color section, the username and password are there, and if you didn’t get our point so look at this image.

Now you know what we were talking about, just paste them in the place of username and password.

So your two levels of defend the web are completed and now you have to comment down that how easy these levels were for you…

If you have any problem with our blog so you can comment to us we will try to fix it.

– Yash Choudhary

Yash Choudhary

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